Monday, 4 August 2014

Myths and Legends about Semuanya

Before the dawn of history, within the time of story, it's aforesaid that Semuanya had a mate, Kecuala by name. each were hermaphroditic entities, each filling each social role. whereas Semuanya was involved solely with survival and propagation, however, Kecuala was distracted by a lot of abstract and cerebral matters. Eventually it grew therefore distracted by its disparate thoughts that it split in [*fr1], turning into 2 entities, male and feminine. These were the primary lizardfolk. Semuanya watches over the lizardfolk to the current day, hoping in some unspecified time in the future they're going to eliminate their abstract thoughts and become Kecuala once more.


Lizardfolk tribes typically contain shamans and clerics UN agency derive power from the worship of Semuanya. Semuanya's clergymen square measure unorganized, acting as general caretakers for his or her tribes. they're needed to breed each season, and people UN agency become sterilised lose their spells and usually kill. New shamans learn at the feet of the previous generation, and replace them once the older shamans grow sterilised. Semuanya's clergymen distinguish themselves from their fellows with kilts of blue-green hide.

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